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. thank you larry. (clapping.) i can't wait until the ball s is thrown i'm losing weight and getting ready. thank you to everybody thank you to the artists and all the committee of volunteers that are calling people ray's this wonderful resources to get the furniture and equipment there because while the public did they're part the highest general obligation bond in the city we've got to do our part to make sure it's filled with the equipment to save lives to improve the conditions. and for those of you who haven't received a call from me be ready because the committee is very dedicated and i've been taking lessons from willie brown how to take that call. have a great lunch and enjoy this and have a big heart. thank you from the bottom of our heart let's do our part and congratulations to the whole committee. 56 have a la heart. thank you (clapping) >> ladies and gentlemen, it's now time for the first artists award present by michael san francisco bay area region wells fargo and company (clapping) thank you and good afternoon. looked like to start my comments by asking you to take a look
and larry came along and did google's first champions and put in a skateboard park so we had some interesting issues then we started a new venture headed by amanda who made the intro to us personally so we've invest in google in a budget share and still own part of that stock. all return is one thousand .678 times so the money we've invested equally to exceed the benchmark everyone we are in new york and cambridge and a san diego etc., he ever one of those cities is heavy being driven by technology and life science. the areas we have a huge human capital and brain function advantage over the rest of the world we expect our tenant to be more collaborative and innovative where you have engineering and chemical and engineering and biological so we see our future it heavy solar driven enterprise. haley mentioned when we met the health rock people we were blown away we've got to work and invest together it was a knoll team so that's how we think about things >> so you can see users working with the rock health folks. >> super we could go on for hours it's an existing event but we're
coming electro0 through the amended like larry. gentlemen please stand let's all give them a greyhound for their work (clapping) and folks you, you know, those cranes you see downtown in mission bay and the central market are not just you thousands of construction jobs but impact fees over the next 5 years we'll collect $110 million for better parks and better transit and new affordable housing. we know our young people suffer from unemployment far more than adults pardoning. i'm proud in 2013 our jobs initiative priority more than 6 thousand 8 hundred job opportunity in the public and a private sector. thank you eric. more than half the youth placed were from underserved neighborhoods like the bayview. we'll continue to invest in the corner stones of our
years of lease for larry in the original version that wouldn't have any sense going forward but do we have any estimate mr. martin about the benefit for this event. i know theirs to say that's a trade secret but surely they made a lot of money it's not just a hobby he paid for out of his own pocket >> supervisor mike martin. i actually will be quiet surprised if there's nothing more than a 6 figure loss. they referred to the champion of having the honor of putting open the necklaces race and while tailors ways to get back money they spent more than they took in. once you load on the team costs that's part of the syndicates the 872s were expensive to build and operate. you'll see the comments in the media finding the derivatives that will reduce the number of people on the boats and actually put down on the water and getting more syndicates they put out the money without return >> the boats were put together by - and oracle. a race only oracle can win >> that's not a thing about the america's cup. by righttwo: that's the highest level of quoting they have a tack all composition >>
in public comment? >>> yes, my name is larry, i stay in district 6. i want to show you something. the women here have been great today. it seems like they're talking about housing and violence, something that i would love to see some of county, the board of supervisors, the mayor, we all come and make san francisco a zero tolerance. we can report it, nothing is unreported. too much is not being reported. what i want to show you what's going on, if i could [inaudible]. this is what i call my black man's [speaker not understood]. it's got all the people's faces [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood]. to be black and gay in america thanks to jason collins and michael, [speaker not understood]. but the idea that when i look, someone had come in my room and tied a noose, this is a noose. the day before i found [speaker not understood] on the floor. this is the lgbt historical day african-american complex. i live in s-r-o with disability people. people are in and out of the room when we're not there. a black man would never tie a noose and have it in his room. so, this is what i said
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)